Globe and Mail:

Brian Scudamore didn’t plan to discover his next new business concept in his own kitchen.
But that’s what happened when the founder and chief executive officer of 1-800-Got-Junk LLC was desperately looking for his Vancouver home to be painted last July without turning it into an uninhabitable work zone for several weeks.

He got lots of bids for the job, but one pitch he couldn’t resist: Jim Bodden, owner of a company called One Day Painting, said he could get the whole house done in a single day.

When Mr. Scudamore arrived home at the end of the appointed day to find his house transformed (and his six-year-old daughter not trapped in her room by drop cloths), he realized he not only had a great paint job but the new idea he’d been hunting for: another home-service business that would allow him to grow in a new direction but leverage his existing operations.

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