June Cleaver is nothing compared to today’s mom. The moms of today are raising children and online businesses at the same time. Often, the mom who launches her own business from home is also the woman who buys from like-minded mompreneurs, reports Metro. This virtual community of moms plays a key part in their success.

Shannon Moyer-Szemenyei, who owns and operates her own web-based craft store (sweetstellas.com), says the cultivation of online relationships is the key to her success.

“The majority of my clients are moms I met in chat forums during my pregnancy,” she said. “We order things from each other, advertise each other’s products and services, and they give me advice on new product ideas. It’s free market research.”

Business and financial expertise is not a necessity, says Moyer-Szemenyei. For mom-preneurs, it’s more important to pound the digital pavement and get your name and business out into the blogosphere.

“You can get software to help balance your books; Paypal logs most of my income,” Moyer-Szemenyei said. “But I’m constantly updating Facebook, Twitter … posting on blogs to get my name and products out into the marketplace.”

Photo from Sweet Stella’s