Dallas Business Journal:

The marketing arm of Dallas-based electricity retailer Stream Energy is now one of the world’s 15 largest direct-selling companies, according to an industry magazine.

The June issue of Direct Selling News ranked Ignite Inc. 14th in the world, based on 2010 annual revenues, up two places from 16th in 2009. Ignite is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Stream.

Stream Energy, which was founded in 2005, generated more than $840 million in revenues in 2010 and has more than 484,000 customers in the deregulated energy markets of Texas, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Maryland.

“We are very proud of our growth and its reflection in our ranking in the top tier of the direct sales industry,” said Rob Snyder, Stream’s chairman. “Our Ignite associates continue to prove that the direct sales model is a successful one in the energy sector.”

Logo from Stream Energy

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