If you’re a high school student near Ashville, a local community college is offering you the opportunity to hone the necessary skills to become a successful entrepreneur.

According to Citizen-Times.com, they are not asking kids to run a simple lemonade stand. The students are asked to come up with unique ideas that would make viable business opportunities. Past students ideas involved a video game company, all-natural soap, a boutique, event planning, and even a non-profit outreach program.

They start with an imaginary sum of $10,000, but they will have to meet with an Asheville Savings Bank loan officer and answer the questions any entrepreneur faces in financing a startup, Ramm said.

The youths will meet with bankers, accountants, human resources specialists and entrepreneurs working in the A-B Tech business incubator. With interactive exercises taken from the N.C. Rural Entrepreneurship through Active Learning curriculum, students will design business and marketing plans and create a video commercial and PowerPoint presentation touting their venture. The week ends with a competition as a panel of judges considers the best business plan.

“They’re very business-savvy,” Ramm said. “And I could see some of these businesses taking off in the real world.”

Screenshot from A-B Tech