It’s not a topic most people enjoy talking about, but Namon Nassef is quite passionate. He has created a waste management system called the “Zero Liquid Discharge” Sewage Elimination System that is used in transportation systems, reports

The system eliminates human waste without leaving odor, sludge or particles that harm the environment.

Nassef believes his invention, currently being produced for beta testing by a tour bus company, eventually will be a staple anywhere where getting rid of large amounts of stored waste is a problem — on buses, recreational vehicles, boats and airplanes. It already has received approval for future marine use by the Coast Guard.

Once the testing phase is complete, Nassef hopes to market the system initially to tour buses and corporate motor coaches.

“I have yet to meet anyone who likes going in to use a bus toilet,” Nassef said. “They stink. They’re not eliminating waste. They’re storing it. And the bugs from your gut don’t know they’re not supposed to continue breaking down the waste, so they do. That generates volatile organic compounds” — the stinky parts of human waste.

Photo from The ZLD

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