Starting Small With Mini Sales Space

Angie Robbins always dreamed of starting her own business, but the thought of opening a shop on a server’s income made her nervous. At least, that was until a new mini mall came to town. According to, Petite Boutiques will create affordable sales space for people like Angie who want to start a business without the full cost of a storefront.

“It’s so affordable and so viable,” said Robbins, who has leased a 6 –by-8-foot space at $3 per square foot per month for her Femme Fatale Fashions.

And because Petite Boutiques will handle all sales for her, Robbins can continue working her day job until business picks up.

Describing the new operation as an “upscale mini-mall,” LoPresti said it will work this way: the business owner pays monthly rent and 12 percent of gross monthly sales and the building owners will provide most everything else.

That includes sales staff support and all utilities except phone and Internet, plus brochures and a Web page. According to LoPresti, business owners do not even need to apply for their own business license.

“We collect and remit sales tax, handle all transactions and provide the staff,” said LoPresti.

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