When The Community Bank Meets A Young Entrepreneur

The Main Street Bank of Detroit has always tried to help local entrepreneurs. They recently took an extra step in helping entrepreneurs, by tapping a 10 year old President and CEO to provide some of their office supplies, reports Examiner.com.

Main Street was looking for a unique marketing message to put on their pencils and did a local Google search for supplies. Up came Hannah’s Cool World website and the match-up between an established bank and 10-year old President and CEO, Hannah Altman of West Bloomfield Michigan, had begun.

According to Main Street Bank’s Chief Marketing Officer, Bruce Rosenblat, “I always look for a local provider for our goods and services. Little did I know that a 10-year old would be the provider of these office supplies.” Added Rosenblat, “We felt very comfortable in doing business with Hannah and her website. It was very fitting to Main Street’s ‘buy local’ business values.”

How did this 10-year old girl get started in the harsh world of entrepreneurship? Hannah’s response is, “I was at a restaurant with my parents and I saw a pencil topper in a vending machine. After I got one, I told my mom and dad that I wanted to start a business selling these to kids. My mom and dad have an online business www.CoolZips.com that I help them with, but I wanted to have my own business.”

Logo from Hannah’s Cool World

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