Inventors Way To Better Poached Eggs

It seems everyone is trying to find a better way to cook eggs. First it was shell-free hard boiled eggs, now Howard Gold is trying to convince people that his invention, Poachet, will help people make better poached eggs, reports CourierMail.

The Poachet, which looks like a giant tea bag, holds the egg in the perfect shape while it cooks.

In contrast to other poaching devices made from synthetic materials, the Poachet is created from a semi-permeable papery fabric which allows contact with the water.

Cooks open the Poachet and place it in a small glass, with the open end up. They crack the egg into the Poachet and then place the bag in boiling water.

The surface tension causes it to seal itself during boiling to prevent egg spilling out. After six minutes it is ready to be lifted out with a ladle. The bag is then turned upside down to release the egg.

Photo from Lakeland

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