Autistic 9 Year Old Starts Soda Business

Kent’s Soda:

Nine year old Kent ran a typical lemonade stand in the summer of 2010. He had fun and earned enough to buy some things he had really wanted. At the end of the summer he said, “Dad, I made a lot of money this summer. I got everything I wanted.” Kent then asked if he could sell sodas to restaurants and stores. His parents let him know that when he was older he could explore the idea further. Kent pondered that for a minute and then said “Dad, I have everything I need right now, but there are lots of other kids with autism that can’t do the things they want or need. I want to be able to help them get some of the things they want with the money we earn. Can’t we start now? I don’t want to wait.” Kent lives in Vermont with his family, enjoys reading instructional manuals and playing with Legos. Kent has autism.

Kent’s personal motto is “ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!”. He believes this 100%.

So do we, Kent, so do we!

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