Are Gov’t Contracts Really Reaching Small Business?

Central Valley Business Times recently reported findings from the American Small Business League (ASBL) that the SBA is lying about the actual number of contracts reaching small businesses.

Last week the Small Business Administration said that the federal government narrowly missed its congressionally mandated 23 percent small business goal. The SBA announced the government awarded $98 billion, or 22.7 percent of federal spending, to small businesses, it said on June 24.

“The SBA claims the government nearly hit its small business goal, and yet the government’s own data indicates it awarded no more than 5 percent of federal work to small businesses,” says ASBL President Lloyd Chapman. “The SBA’s most recent claims are just more misleading smoke and mirrors.”

Sixty-one out of the top 100 recipients of federal small business contracts for fiscal year 2010 were large firms, not small businesses, says the ASBL, pointing to its own analysis of a recent SBA report.

The large firms received 62.5 percent of the dollars awarded to the top 100, or $8.8 billion, ASBL says.

Screenshot from ASBL

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