Four local women selling Lia Sophia jewelry have won company honors for sales and all earn six figures. Debbie Rotkvich, a Chicago native, went from owning a business to direct selling 16 years ago. Today her personal earnings are more than $3 million and her team sales are more than $106 million.

St. John resident Suzanne Bailey, a former teacher in Lansing, got into selling jewelry eight years ago after her daughter was born prematurely.

With overwhelming credit card debt, Bailey got control of her finances. Last year, her team of 234 women had $3 million in sales.

“It transformed my life,” she said. “We were living paycheck to paycheck. Now our bills are paid and we have a savings and college fund.”

After selling insurance for 17 years, team member Joann Keck, of Griffith, began selling jewelry six years ago after her husband’s career in transportation came to a standstill after Sept. 11. Her team of 155 had $1.8 million in sales. At least 85 percent of Keck and Bailey’s sales are in Northwest Indiana.

Debbie Urban, of Highland, started 10 years ago. She was a teacher with plans to become an elementary school principal.

“I started doing one show a week and it just snowballed,” she said. “I wasn’t looking to quit my job. I loved teaching.”

Her team of 950 had $10 million in sales, with 65 percent from Northwest Indiana.

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