Mompreneur Helps Brands Reach The Mom Market

The National Association for Moms in Business says that moms have $1.3 trillion in spending power, with 80% of them making most of the household decisions. So, if a company chooses to ignore the mom market, they face hurting their income.

Stacy DeBroff noticed many of the issues these companies seemed to have trying to reach women like her. Determined to help brands reach the mom market, she launched her own business, reports Fox Business.

“Moms have always been word of mouth, conversation driven,” DeBroff said.
“What used to be [conversations] over the picket fence or in the pick-up line in kindergarten now was happening online and could get very specific and niche.”

Customers can now demand companies come to them on their social networks to get their business, versus companies forcing them to come to their Web sites. Companies also realized they needed to listen to feedback in order to really connect with their customers. Brands started asking DeBroff’s company how they could infuse their marketing strategies with a focus on genuine connectivity and engaging in conversations –versus just push marketing, in a new age of what DeBroff calls “relational marketing.”

The multi-award-winning Mom Central Consulting has doubled in size each year and counts corporate giants including General Mills, Pepsi, Ralph Lauren and Fisher Price as clients, but it also works with smaller companies and nonprofits. All clients represent products or missions that make the world better for moms and kids, in DeBroff’s view.

Companies are realizing “just how much social media can contribute to the bottom line and can increase brand awareness,” DeBroff said. “I think for us, we’re just really rolling up our sleeves and getting started.”

Photo by Peter Dutton

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