Making money on the internet is hard. Not hard in the same way that moving a ton of clay bricks by hand is hard, but definitely more difficult than spending money online. Luckily though the skills necessary to generate revenue from page views and clicks are something that can be taught. Marc Ostrofosky’s book does just that.

If you read Get Rich Click! from cover to cover you will understand the tricks and techniques that today’s internet entrepreneurs use to make money. Unfortunately, knowledge alone is not enough, and it will only get you so far before your need for a a great idea and even better execution will become readily apparent. I assume that most people won’t read the 240-something page book cover to cover and will instead flip and back and forth between sections that interest them. If you read it this way you’ll miss Ostrofosky’s biggest tip: combine the techniques in this book with each other, add a great idea and then work really hard if you want to have any chance of success online.

Who should read this book: Only people who who don’t spend all of their free time reading how to blogs about making money online, since there aren’t any real secrets here.

Who shouldn’t: If you an entrepreneur trying to make it with a real business in the real world, this book will only distract you from what’s important: your core business.

Get Rich Click! isn’t a book for real entrepreneurs starting real businesses in the real world.