Oversized Coat Pockets For Travel

When you consider the cost of checking in your luggage, Andrew Gaule’s invention seems very appropriate. Although some people would never want a coat with pockets for cargo, people who need just a little extra space for their travel supplies can find refuge in the Rufus Roo.

Andrew’s unique coat offers fliers some extra space for travel supplies when they cannot afford the cost of an additional bag, reports Mail Online.

‘But I got fed up of seeing people having to pay a lot of money to check their bags, or completely repack all their luggage at the check-in just because they inadvertently fell foul of the rules. So I teamed up with two friends and employed a young designer to develop the Rufus Roo big pocket jacket.

‘The jacket is very strong and two of the pockets in particular are really very large. What’s more, it can be compacted so that it itself can be stuffed into one of those small plastic bags airports give you to carry on your liquids.’

‘This jacket allows you to carry on board everything that you would otherwise have to pack in the hold. The pockets are big and strong enough to take 10kg of luggage, including even laptop computers or bottles of wine.’

The Rufus Roo jacket costs £29.95 and comes in a variety of colours and sizes.

Photo from Rufus Roo

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