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The tragic storms, fires, tornadoes and floods that have ravaged parts of the United States and Canada over the past few months have left thousands of people without homes or basic necessities. Residents of affected regions have suffered unimaginable physical and personal losses and are in desperate need of help to rebuild and restore.

Today, Tupperware Brands Corporation announced a three-pronged relief program for the victims of these natural disasters. The program consists of:

  • A donation of $900,000 in Tupperware® products and an additional donation of $100,000 in BeautiControl® products to Feed The Children, an organization that dispatches truckloads of food and essential supplies to areas affected by flooding and storms or tornadoes. Due to the overwhelming devastation that has taken place in Joplin, MO, Feed The Children will take additional truckloads to that area. One of these trucks will be set up on the premises of a local Boys & Girls Club of America to ensure that club members’ families and community members at large receive much needed supplies.
  • Emergency funds will be made available through The Tupperware Brands Foundation Emergency Fund to assist Tupperware Sales Force members who have been severely affected by the natural disasters. The funds will be used to help them and their families rebuild their homes and livelihoods.
  • The establishment of a program to harness individual contributions from Tupperware Brands Associates, Sales Force Members and customers through the American Red Cross and the Canadian Red Cross. Individuals will be able to donate through Tupperware’s “Chain of Caring” disaster response online page:, where Tupperware will match each donation, dollar for dollar, for up to $50,000.

“In the aftermath of such catastrophic natural disasters, we are fortunate that no one in our Tupperware family has lost their lives, though many have suffered deep personal losses,” said Tupperware Brands Corporation Chairman and CEO Rick Goings. “All of us at Tupperware are proud to take part in the recovery and rebuilding of those communities devastated by these tragedies and hope that in some small way we are making a difference.”

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