LifeVantage Announces Leading Industry Scientists Strengthen Management Team and Scientific Advisory Board


LifeVantage Corporation, the maker of science-based solutions for the reduction of oxidative stress by the synergistic activation of Nrf2, announced today that renowned scientist, co-discoverer of superoxide dismutase and a pioneer in the area of Free Radical Biology, Dr. Joe M. McCord, has accepted the position as the Company’s Chief Scientific Officer. In addition, Dr. Brooks Hybertson, nationally-recognized oxidative stress researcher, has been reappointed to the Company’s Scientific Advisory Board.

Doug Robinson, LifeVantage CEO commented, “We are very pleased to announce Dr. McCord’s appointment as Chief Scientific Officer and Dr. Hybertson’s reappointment to our Scientific Advisory Board. As published scientific researchers and faculty members at the University of Colorado, Denver, Dr. McCord and Dr. Hybertson are preeminent in the field of anti-aging, free radicals and oxidative stress, and we are honored to expand and continue our relationships with Dr. McCord and Dr. Hybertson. The increased dedication we receive from these relationships with these renowned scientists as well as the many respected researchers conducting over 20 independent studies on Protandim®, complements our strategy for sound scientific products and our ability to positively influence the health of consumers everywhere. We look forward to our strengthened team increasing awareness of our breakthrough products based on true science for our existing and our next generation of consumers.”

Dr. Joe McCord, LifeVantage Chief Scientific Officer, stated, “I am very excited to increase my role at LifeVantage as Chief Scientific Officer. Our Company has been the beneficiary of many positive independent research reports from leading universities throughout the United States and we expect scientific research focus to continue to increase based on the attention the anti-aging industry is receiving. My new role as CSO will focus on increasing awareness of our products in the scientific community as well as creating and promoting new high-quality, science-based products.”

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