3D Laser Scanning Accident Sites

Scan 4a

According to the BBC, police in the UK will soon use laser scanners at crash sites to make 3D images of the scene, instead of having to painstakingly log everything at the scene.

The 3D laser technology uses a special scanner mounted on a tripod to take a 360-degree image of the crash site recording 30m separate data points down to a resolution of less than a millimetre.

This scanned image can be used to take measurements and survey evidence over a wide area
Each sweep takes about four minutes and typically police will take four scans of each site.

This digital image of the site can then be viewed on a computer screen enabling investigators to take measurements of where vehicles are in relation to each other and other important evidence.

Previously, much of this work would have been carried out by hand.

The technology and business is already available in the United States. For example, James R. Loumiet & Associates, Inc. a transportation accident reconstruction company uses the FARO LS 880 laser scanner to scan vehicles and sites involved in collisions.

A video of the FARO LS 880 in use is available here.

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