Job placement companies are not new, but they are still a booming business. This is something Sheri Welsh knows a lot about.

In 2002, she launched Welsh & Associates. Whenever a company needs professional personnel, she helps them find the right person for the job, reports Mlive.

When a client needs professional personnel, Welsh already has the inside track on the company’s outlook and philosophy, she said.

Keeping up with technology is key for a business as personalized as hers, said Welsh, who admits to loving her iPhone.

She is on Facebook and tries to post a minimum of three tweets per week through her Twitter account.

Dealing with problem employees is a fact of business life, which Welsh handles by listening to workers’ concerns without being a doormat.

“Many times you have to step back, listen and share,” she said.

Welsh herself has never had to fire anyone, probably because she is a “pretty quick read of people,” she said. But she doesn’t advocate business people surrounding themselves only with like-minded individuals.

“There is value in working with people who see the world differently than you,” she said. “Diversity is good.”

Calling herself conservative when it comes to finances, Welsh said she’s not a spendthrift when it comes to investing in her business. Recently, the office bought new computers.

Welsh & Associates will continue to grow in the next five years, Welsh said, declining to give figures. She expects the number of professional jobs to open up as those who have held good positions — particularly baby boomers — head into retirement.

Photo by bpsusf