Sometimes a business will join Facebook with visions of instant success and many followers. Forbes offers a few reasons why your business may be failing on Facebook.

You’re trying too hard.

Spamming your followers with non-stop brand-related chatter will make you lose followers, not gain fans. Social media works best when it involves an element of play. Develop a compelling voice. Be entertaining. Use humor. This the internet, not a board meeting.

You don’t get it.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to understand social media. In fact, those who refer to themselves as “social media rock stars” really don’t get it. The truth is: Nobody gets it, not really, not yet. It’s evolving. Today’s expert is tomorrow’s idiot.

You don’t own it.

You hired a company to do your social media for you. Since you became their client, they’ve had a dozen different people working on your account. How can you expect your business to succeed when your social media plan amounts to passing the buck?

Photo by Dell Inc.

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