Google AdWords is a dynamic, auction-based marketplace where advertisers bid on keywords to compete for top ad placement. The minimum bid per keyword is 5 cents, but this research shows that in highly competitive categories, Google can make up to $50 per click.

According to Wordstream, these are the top 10 most expensive keywords to buy from Google Adwords, ranked by their search volume:

  1. Insurance $54.91 per click
  2. Loans $44.28 per click
  3. Mortgage $47.12 per click
  4. Attorney $47.07 per click
  5. Credit $36.06 per click
  6. Lawyer $42.51 per click
  7. Donate $42.02 per click
  8. Degree $40.61 per click
  9. Hosting $31.91 per click
  10. Claim $45.51 per click

Big infographic after the jump.

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