Orient Ceramics And Industries Limited Brings International Tiles To India

India PRwire:

Orient Ceramics & Industries Ltd. (OCIL), the largest manufacturers of Non-Vitrified, Vitrified, Ultra Vitrified and 3rd Fired Decorative Tiles for walls, floors & facades and the pioneers in floor and wall solutions has launched a new division by the name of Orient International. Orient International is the specialized division which brings innovative and exclusive product ranges of imported tiles from across the globe for customers who value luxury and exclusivity. Targeted to the niche market, Orient International offers beautiful digitally printed exterior, wall and floor tiles in wonderful designs which are available in unique and bigger formats (330 X 660, 300 X 900, 350 X 750, 600 X 600, and 450 X 650) for faster and easier tiling solutions.

Orient Ceramics has always been known for its advanced technology and exclusively designed tiles which are a comfort to eyes yet nature friendly. With Orient International collection, OCIL offers its consumers a chance to come even closer to the tranquility of the Nature. The improved digital printing technology by makes these tiles come as close to being a pure natural product as possible. Orient International also displays a wide range of Slim Uni-Surface Tiles (4mm Thick) which are superior in aesthetics and technology. These tiles acquire 50% less cubic space (in comparison to other products) of the floor area and are easy to install and value to money.

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