Finding the money to start a new business is not easy. So when Steve Antill found himself unemployed, he took the cash out of his IRA and launched Strictly Iron, reports Las Vegas Sun.

The 34-year-old married father of two lost his job of 13 years and figured he would need to make it on his own. He estimates that he grossed $40,000 over the past year building security and decorative fencing at 30 job sites.

It’s mainly a one-man operation with the occasional buddy brought on to help. Antill has also stretched himself, adopting the role of marketer, bookkeeper, parts supplier and website operator. “For years I wanted to start my own business. When you’re getting that steady pay at a job, it’s hard to leave,” Antill said. “I could see why other people would be starting businesses in times like this.”

Antill acknowledges that demand for such work can be a stark reminder of modern-day reality, but he recognizes that amid his job loss has come opportunity. He only hopes that the workload and the capital are out there to help him achieve his goals.

Photo from Strictly Iron