Kristen Trautman was lucky enough to have an employer willing to teach her the various skills needed to run a boutique. However, when she found herself in need of a job, she found it nearly impossible to find the right position to fit her knowledge. So, she reached out to family members and started K. Marie & Company, reports The Sentinel.

“I talked to both my parents, and my dad said come up with a business plan,” Kristen said. “I decided to take a risk and go for it.”

While Kristen finished college, she and her family, especially her mother, worked to get the boutique off the ground.

“We came to people with a full-blown business plan that Kristen put together that they weren’t expecting from her,” Debbie said.

“I definitely could not have done this without the help of my family,” Kristen said. “My family over the past six months have been a huge part in the reason that this store is open.

“While I was not able to be here getting our license and things like that – I was taking finals and graduating – my mom was able to help me.”

“I just think it’s a great opportunity for Kristen,” Debbie said. “I’m excited to help her kick off her dream and make it work and put the blood, sweat and tears into it at the beginning.”

Photo from K. Marie & Company