Dominos Dishes Up $10000 Donation To KidsCan

3News NZ:

Dominos has stepped in to fill a $10,000 hole in the budget of children’s charity KidsCan, left after rival pizza outlet Hell reneged on its Telethon pledge.

At the Big Night In telethon in 2009, Hell had agreed to pay the sum to charity KidsCan in exchange for product placement at the event’s Viaduct base.

But after reports that not much of the money raised was actually going to needy children, company boss Warren Powell changed his mind, writing in an email to staff: “So how does this work? We gave away pizza by the dozen to these dorks and raised good [sic] knows how much; now am I expected to give them a chq in return for nothing?”

The reports turned out to be false, an audit showing KidsCan had used the almost $2 million in donations it received effectively.

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