Forbes (blog):

Mom is 78. Mom likes fish sandwiches. And, Mom can’t wait for our next trip to Hooters! Yeh, that’s right. Hooters.

Yesterday, even before we reached Hooters’ front door, a smiling young woman greeted us and invited us to sit anywhere we liked. My wife, Melanie, positioned us so Mom could watch the NBA highlights on the flat screen TV over my shoulder. From my seat, there was soccer and on another screen, Melanie could see tennis from Wimbledon.

In a matter of seconds, a server appeared tableside. It didn’t hurt that she was drop dead gorgeous as was the trainee she had in tow. “This is Amanda,” said the blonde Gen X server of her brunette Gen Y trainee. “It’s her first day. I’m Amee and we’re going to take good care of you.” Read on…