Step Forward In Water Filtration

Pat Farrelly is currently in the process of patenting a unique water filtration system that he believes will revolutionize water filtering for commercial and humanitarian purposes. His invention, Aqua-Nu, took five years to develop in his own kitchen.

Farrelly said that Aqua-Nu had multiple applications, from filtering water for individual houses and group schemes to rainwater harvesting and small-scale filtration.

‘‘We can turn any container into a water-filtering device,” he said.’ ‘We are interesting because we have microbiological capability. Our technology can prevent a microbe one-quarter the size of a red blood cell from getting through.”

The finished product is just six weeks old and, following the verification of independent tests, Farrelly embarked on the patenting process. Aqua-Nu have applied for patents in 67 different countries, 42 of which have already been granted.

He said that Aqua-Nu had fielded inquiries from companies in several sectors, including waste water management. It has received a number of letters of intent, and is engaged with production and licensing opportunities as far afield as Malaysia.

The humanitarian prospects for the system were also considerable, said Farrelly.’ ‘We can start saving lives tomorrow. Our filtering can be as easily used in an Irish kitchen as in a mud hut in Africa.”

Video of the different filter products after the jump.

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