North Hollywood – Toluca Lake Patch:

Kevin Farrell works hard for a living—fighting the horrific traffic in the maze of Los Angeles freeways five days a week. His car is packed to the max with the products he peddles to home-based customers, some as far away as San Diego.

Once he arrives at a customer’s home he sets up his wares, then excuses himself to freshen up, bringing with him a large cosmetic case and wig box.

After an hour of primping, Miss Dee W. Ieye emerges from the powder room. She is America’s No. 1 Tupperware Lady, ready to pitch the iconic plastic food storage containers to the 20 or so women sitting in a suburban living room. Dee is good at what she does because she really, truly believes Tupperware is the best thing since sliced bread.

With big, long blond hair and over-the top eye makeup, she stirs the crowd into a laughing frenzy with raunchy jokes, dropping the F-bomb once in awhile. She wears hot pants, high heels and a bosom-hugging gingham shirt that shows off a figure that rivals Dolly Parton’s.

“Dee/Kevin’s routine is the perfect mix of kitch and classic—just like Tupperware,” said Jill Brietzman of Thousand Oaks, a fan who served up Dee at a Tupperware bridal shower. “He—I mean Dee—has a magical personality … off-kilter, fun and crazy. … Such a blast.”

Logo from Tupperware

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