Bilingual Fun Helps Kids Learn Spanish

Besides the advantage of speaking to people of more than one language, knowing multiple languages can help an adult move ahead in the workforce. Being bilingual means you have a better future ahead of you, and Bilingual Fun hopes to help your children find that success.

Jennifer Manriquez is a former Spanish teacher, and her husband is bilingual. So, when they had children, they decided to raise them in a bilingual household. The word soon spread, and people throughout the neighborhood wanted her to help teach their kids Spanish. She soon found an opportunity in language.

I recently asked Jennifer a few questions about her business and her inspiration for it.

Tell us a little about Blilingual Fun.

Bilingual Fun is a language education company teaching Spanish to children through interactive classes and learning products. We focus on early language exposure when language acquisition is the easiest to absorb and retain. Bilingual Fun uses play based immersion through our unique interactive curriculum. Classes are located throughout South Eastern Michigan, with plans to expand nationwide with our Program Director business opportunities.

What inspired it?

As a former classroom Spanish teacher and married to a bilingual speaker, we chose to raise our children in a bilingual household. Knowing the benefits and advantages young children with early language exposure, we received numerous requests from neighbors and friends for a Spanish language playgroup. Initially I held informally playgroups out of my living room, but the word spread fast in the community and I knew I had a viable business opportunity. Armed with my professional and personal experience, starting The Bilingual Fun Company was a natural choice for me.

What is the age level for your program?

Bilingual Fun classes start as young as toddlers through middle school age children. The Bilingual Fun program focuses on interaction, exposure and production, so all classes are communicative based. The thematic curriculum encourages children of all ages to learn and absorb the language in a natural environment. The products that we sell online are generally geared for learners ages 10 and under.

Approximately how long does it take for someone to learn Spanish using your system?

Children and parents that are enrolled in our classes receive consistent exposure to the langauge and are able to comprehend and communicate after a few weeks. The nature of the classes, allow the learners to learn and produce the langauge without the pressure of memorizing or translating. Parents are always amazed at how easily and quickly their children pick up Spanish. Children have the incredible ability to merely absorb the language as they are exposed to it. Of course repetition and exposure are the keys to language learning success. Therefore it depends on the amount of both classroom exposure and repetition of the music and DVDs for different language learning levels to be acquired.

What separates you from the competition?

Bilingual Fun uses an interactive approach that teaches to the natural rhythm of a children’s learning. Both the curriculum that I have created and the teaching style that I use and train my teachers with, makes learning Spanish fun and easy. I did an extensive amount of market research when creating my company and I know the specific target population and the needs/ interest of parents for their children’s language exposure. We have been blessed with incredible word of mouth advertising, as well as great national publicity that has allowed me to create an awareness of the importance of early language learning and Bilingual Fun.

Do you have any goals you’d like to accomplish over the next year or so?

I always have the goal each year of growing the business, and thankfully we have been expanding and growing each year. As my young children are getting older and school age, I now have a bit more time to dedicate to pursuing some of the business goals, such as creating more products and promoting our Program Director opportunities.

What are some lessons your business has taught you?

Definitely the lessons of balancing my priorities, setting boundaries, organization, and structuring my family and work life so that everyone is happy.

Do you have any advice you’d like to offer fellow entrepreneurs who are just getting started?

I would recommend getting involved with a small business support group either live or online. This has been an invaluable help to me, as I have learned so much from my business connections and contacts. The life of an entrepreneur can be isolating sometimes and it is imperative to get connected with other like minded individuals to help you grow and learn about your business.

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