Five Facebook Musts For Entrepreneurs

Social media can seem daunting, but it is also an important way to connect with customers for many entrepreneurs. If you’re just getting started, Fox Small Business has some ideas that will help you start off right.

No. 1: Create a professional company page. Instead of having a personal page for your small business, Anteau said having a company page where people can become ‘Fans,’ of your business is more effective.

No. 2: Generate fans. The first 25 fans a professional page generates are key, Anteau said, because once you have 25 fans you are entitled to a vanity URL. This vanity Web address is essential for streamlined marketing, she said.

No. 3: Communicate with your fans. Generating fans is half the battle—but keeping them interested is what really matters. Remember that fans don’t want to be sold and marketed to at all times, Anteau said.

No. 4: Leverage your social word-of-mouth. Facebook has made it very easy for users to share, recommend and comment on the things they like and loathe.

No. 5: Stay involved. Small business owners are often short on time, but Facebook is something that shouldn’t fall by the wayside.

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