According to Jalopnik, Google has had its first fender bender with its self-driving car. Exclusive photos on the website show the car after the small accident. Will this cause a hiccup in the future of driverless vehicles?

The Prius — recognizable as a Google self-driving prototype from the roof equipment that’s smaller than a typical Google Streetview image collector — appears to have rear-ended another Prius.

This is precisely why we’re worried about self-driving cars. Perhaps the complicated set of lasers and imaging systems that Google chief autonomous car researcher Sebastian Thrun called “the perfect driving mechanism” thought it was just looking at its shadow.

A representative for Google confirmed the accident was with one of their self-driving cars, “Safety is our top priority. One of our goals is to prevent fender-benders like this one, which occurred while a person was manually driving the car.”

An news broadcast about the car and how it works is after the jump.

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