NightOwl Spreads Its Wings To Bigger Stores

Queensland Business Review:

Convenience store retailer NightOwl is stepping into new territory, expanding its offering to large convenience stores.

The NightOwl brand, with convenience stores across Queensland, NSW and Victoria, has traditionally run in smaller retail spaces of up to 150m2.

Its focus has been on customer service, convenience and choice.

However, a new growth strategy has NightOwl branching out into the realm of larger convenience stores of up to 500m2 called NightOwl Super, offering a larger range of groceries, fresh food and deli items and a more in-depth shopping experience.

Its first-ever NightOwl Super store, located at Torquay in Hervey Bay, Queensland, took over from a former Foodworks and has been a stunning success for the group – so much so that another NightOwl Super store, formerly an IGA, opened in Slade Point, Mackay this month.

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