Kid Biz: Doggie Toys

Kid-friendly business ideas are everywhere. With a little imagination and time, kids have been finding unique ways to make money for many years. Cole Amyx is one. At 13 years old, he currently runs a dog toy business that sells through an online website, dog parks, and street fairs.

This line of dog toys by Cole is non-toxic, come in two different sizes, and many different colors. They can also be customized with the colors for your school, work, church or your pet’s favorite color! A portion of each and every Slobber Dog Toy purchase is donated to help the animal shelters around Houston, specifically the SPCA, CAPS, BARC and the Homeless Animal Protection Society.

“My parents always taught me that God put us here to help take care of the animals. I thought if people bought the toys, I could give part of the money to help animals that didn’t have a home. I knew I had to be brave and not be afraid when I would walk up to people at the dog parks and ask them to buy my dog toys. It wasn’t easy, walking around with my wagon explaining that I was selling dog toys and that $1 from every sale would go to help homeless animals. But I knew if I was going to help animals, I had to be brave and not care what people thought about me”, says Cole.

Photo from Slobber Dog Toys

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