The Ledger:

Katy Brannen, who left teaching in June, took a more entrepreneurial route in April, when she joined the Mary Kay sales force.

For Brannen, independently selling color cosmetics, fragrances and skin care products meant taking control of the economic forces shaping her life.

“We were losing our jobs, we were losing materials, and we were not getting raises,” Brannen said of her time in public education. “We couldn’t control that. But with my Mary Kay business, there’s a lot more control. I will reap the benefits of the hours I choose to put into it.”

Brannen, who will be her family’s sole provider while her husband attends law school, isn’t the only teacher joining cosmetics seller Mary Kay Inc. More and more teachers in Texas and elsewhere are embarking on careers with Mary Kay or selling its products part time to supplement their teaching income.

Logo from Mary Kay

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