We’ve often shared ways the iPad can help you manage your business, but what about using it to attract customers?

Some places like Tenoverten, a nail salon, are using iPads like magazines. They make them available to customers, so they can surf the web while waiting for their manicure or pedicure to finish. However, Butter Lane in NYC uses the device to attract new “likes” on their Facebook page. If someone uses their posted iPad to like the page while in the shop, they will receive a free frosting shot. According to Mashable, it can even cut back the need for wait staff.

“The iPads allow guests to control the flow and timing of their experience,” says Paul Motenko, co-founder of Stacked. “Guests can order a drink and appetizer and then entrees and desserts, when they are ready — or their whole meal at once to move things along faster.” Stacked also offers customers the option to pay directly via the iPad, so patrons don’t have to wait for the server to bring the bill, and one’s credit card information is encrypted at the table, so the system is secure.

Of course, sometimes talking to a person is easier than dealing with a machine, so there are concierges on the floor to help guests when they need it. And all guests are given paper menus so that everyone can read through the menu at their own pace. When they are ready, they order from the custom-developed iPad app and tap “send” and then the order is routed directly to the kitchen.

How do you use the iPad in your business?

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