Bloggers, how do you Explain What you do

A reader asked:

I’m a professional blogger, like you. How do describe what you do?

I hate this question. Not your question, mind you, but the “What do you do?” one.

If I was a plumber, everyone would immediately understand what that means, even if they didn’t quite understand all of the various types of plumbing. Instead, no one has an frame of reference to understand what I do.

If, in response to the query I reply that I’m a blogger, 90% of the time, the asker’s eyes glaze over and I feel compelled to clarify. I publish a website on the internet.

“About what?”, they always ask next.

“Business ideas and opportunities.”

The next question is invariably, “How do you make money?”

No pressure to reveal all of my secrets!

“I sell advertising, mostly,” I reply, sheepishly.

In ten percent of the cases, their eyes don’t glaze over. They have a moment of clarity as they remember that they know what a blog is.

“What do you blog about?” they respond, asking exactly the same thing as the 90% who don’t know what a blog is.

Other times, I’ll answer that I’m a writer.

That seems to appease them, at first.

Then the cycle repeats itself.

“About what?”

“How do you make money?”

Sometimes I wish I was a plumber. It would be easier to explain.

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