In the future, if someone attacks you and tries to take your money from the ATM, typing in a unique ATM code may call for help. At least, that is the latest safety idea Joe Zingher has created to help protect against trouble.

Zingher is trying to get banks to install it.

He says people would pick an easy-to-remember code to punch in during an emergency and ultimately call 911.

The code could trigger a surveillance photo. The ATM would still give cash, but wouldn’t warn an assailant.

Ralph Hernandez, who has 40 years of law enforcement experience, including time as the Police Chief in North Miami Beach, says he supports the system.

“When criminals know there is an initiative that can prevent and at the same time they can be caught committing a crime, they are going to think twice,” Hernandez says. “I honestly believe its about time we look at it and we move forward because its something that can save lives and actually assist law enforcement.”

Photo by Toms Bauģis