Apparel With “A Peel”

Everyone likes clothing that makes them look and feel good. How about some clothing inspired by a fruit loved by many? Bananas!

Nineteen year old Kate Tary has always had a thing for bananas, so she decided to create a clothing line based on the fruit.

Tary, 19, of High Ridge and a student at Webster University, now incorporates bananas in the designs for her clothing business, Nanner Designs. Her business plan for the fledgling company earned her third place and $1,000 in seed money in the 2011 Made in Missouri State Entrepreneurship Competition on Thursday (Aug. 18) at the state fair in Sedalia, Mo.

Through four years of high school, Tary drew bananas. She has amassed hundreds of designs — some for holidays and some for babies, but most are geared toward young adults. She sold some on T-shirts to classmates at Northwest.

So when she took an entrepreneurship class in her senior year and had to make a business plan, Tary made one for her banana business. Tary already knew something about running a business. Her dad, Greg, has an electronics and security business in which she and her twin sister, Chelsea, help out. The class helped round out her knowledge.

While working get to Nanner Designs up and running, Tary also has started attending Webster University, where she intends to major in audio production and art. She plays guitar, piano, flute and dulcimer, and she writes songs. She creates wire sculptures that she has exhibited and sold at Soulard Art Market and Eureka Days, and she has displayed her art at Cheese-ology in the University City Loop.

Photo by keepon

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