Baby Products To Your Door

It’s hard enough having a new baby in the house, none-the-less trying to get out and buy everything they need. That is the idea behind Storkly. People in the Des Moines area can order the baby necessities and have them delivered directly to their door.

It all started with a question offered by a nine year old girl. Emma Renaud wasn’t worried about where babies came from. She wanted to know how expectant mothers get the baby necessities they need.

It was this conversation that sparked Emma’s inner entrepreneur. With the help of Emma’s father, Christian Renaud, a principal at StartupCity Des Moines, the baby product delivery service, Storkly, was born.

“It’s its own little subculture, being a new parent,” Christian, a self-titled “ex-brand new” parent, said. “You are shocked and awed about your new addition, and looking for any help.”

Since Storkly’s launch in mid-June, the father and daughter, who serve as the company’s “chief sanitation officer” and CEO, respectively, have been working hard to build the delivery service that helps new parents stock up on diapers, formula and “anything that makes their lives easier.”

To get the ball rolling with Storkly, which Emma called “just a summer project,” she entered local grocery stores, researched all the available baby products in the area and evaluated the prices from store to store. Based on the brand, product and price comparisons she collected, Storkly goods are then priced and accompanied by a $10 flat rate service charge for delivery to any location in the Des Moines area. Storkly users call or place orders directly from the site, pay with Dwolla, Paypal or a credit card and have baby essentials delivered to their door. Emma found other local grocery stores, including Hy-Vee, with similar services. However, the charge for delivery is $25, and prices per products vary.

Screenshot from Storkly

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