Dabble Becomes An App

In June we mentioned an inventor who finally struck gold with his word game. Today the 84 year old inventor has taken his game to the next level. It is now an app that you can download on your iPhone or iPad.

Since receiving his first patent in 1958, Weiss spent more than 50 years tinkering in his Brooklyn basement workshop. Weiss finally was able to see one of his inventions brought to market earlier this year when his ‘Dabble’ board game was produced by Ideas Never Implemented (INI) and picked up for distribution by Barnes & Noble.

And now, just a few short months later, he’s celebrating the release of ‘Dabble – The Fast Thinking Word Game’ as a mobile game.

“I have been waiting for this day since 1958,” said Weiss. “Even though a lot of things have changed since then, people still love to play a good game – and they’ll be able to do that anywhere they go now that ‘Dabble’ is on the iPad.”

Screenshot from Dabble

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