Powder Springs – Lithia Springs Patch:

Aromatherapy is credited with doing that for lots of moms. It’s been touted as an aid for easing stress, anxiety and insomnia.

“I know it makes moms feel good,” Terri Mackey asserts. Mackey peddles “wickless scented wax” in the Powder Springs area through her company, Scentsy.

“We go into businesses, sometimes do parties for individuals,” she adds. As a mom of three, she also finds the aroma waxes relaxing. “My friends introduced me to them, and I loved them, and I thought, ‘I could sell this.’”

Tobey says she’s one of many of Mackey’s repeat customers. “I love it, my mom loves it, my sister does, too, and so does my niece.”

She prefers the wax warmers to candles because there’s no danger from flames, and to potpourri because it’s “too messy,” she says. “And it’s way too floral. I use the lighter, cleaner scents in my bedroom and bathroom.”

Logo from Scentsy

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