Wine Bottle Carrier Dream Come True

Darrell Grant knew exactly what his dream meant. He credits it with the invention of his wine bottle carrier. The carrier, called the Wine Bearer, makes it easier to travel with wine without breaking the bottles, reports LaMesa Patch.

Grant, who works for San Pasqual Winery on La Mesa Boulevard, said the idea for his quickly inflatable and easy-to-pack wine holder came during a trip to Italy, when his friend bought a case of Chianti for a 150 Euros and then spent 350 Euros to ship it home.

His carrier has room for two bottles. But the first version didn’t come without trial-and-error, especially in the area of inflation methods.

“Originally, we had a gun with a C02 cartridge, but the airlines didn’t like that,” said Grant, a North Park resident.

Next up? A commercial that showed the Wine Bearer being dropped out of a two-story window. It demonstrated the type of abuse it can take.

“It’s like my friend said: ‘If you open it and it didn’t work, then you don’t use the video,’ ” Grant said. “But I’m pretty sure it’ll work.”

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