Are You Ready For Google+ Biz Accounts?

Company profiles have not officially released yet, but ZDNet believes you should be prepared for what is to come.

To help companies better plan and execute their Google+ corporate profile, Israel and other marketing experts shared five things organizations should note, based on existing features available to individual account users.

Group audience into Circles

“For businesses this could potentially be a feature that allows brands to have multiple types of conversation through the same platform,” Edelman’s Israel added. “An example would be sharing content for consumers and enterprise customers through the same brand profile just by organizing them into separate circles.”

Carolyn Camoens, Waggener Edstrom Singapore’s deputy general manager and digital lead, also pointed out that if Google replicates the Circles feature for corporate profiles, it will allow for more targeted engagements between brands and their communities.

Go private if necessary

Besides sharing of information, Israel noted that organizations can also initiate private conversations with another person.

“This could be a useful feature for branded conversations that need to be taken offline, for example, customer service queries or conversations that require sharing of private information,” he explained. Facebook currently only allows page administrators to send private messages to fans, and not from the brand profile.”

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