Teaching The Old Doggie Door New Tricks

Linda M. Ferguson didn’t want her dogs couped up inside all day long, so she created her own style of doggie door. Instead of having to cut from the front door, her doggie door fits into the screen door area.

The contraption fit on their back screen door. It seemed a cheaper and simpler solution than tearing up the exterior door to install a traditional doggie door, she said.

“We’ve always kind of rigged up a little something like this at all of our homes,” she said. “Then we thought: Why isn’t this something that’s on the market for everyone?”

So in July 2010, Ferguson, a waitress at the Oley Turnpike Dairy in Oley Township, sat down with pencil and paper and drew a mock-up of what she called “screen door dog entrance.”

Just more than a year later, she is in the final steps of getting a patent for her invention, now called the Fergie Door, and is looking for a company to make it.

Photo by gael

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