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As the economy continues to languish and many wonder how they will make ends meet, San Antonio college student Elizabeth (Liz) Tiend is “carving” her own path. Nineteen-year-old Tiend is a sales representative for Vector Marketing, the direct sales division of Cutco Cutlery Corporation, the largest manufacturer and single-level direct seller of high-end kitchen cutlery in North America. Since she began selling Cutco in May, Tiend has sold more than $23,000 worth of cutlery — enough to support herself and her studies at St. Mary’s University.

In February 2011, Tiend underwent major surgery to correct a blockage in her stomach, forcing her to drop out of school during the second semester of her freshman year. The soon-to-be sophomore is now enrolled in summer school at St. Mary’s and is ready to begin her sophomore year in the fall — thanks in large part to selling Cutco.

“Selling Cutco has definitely provided me with the financial resources to continue my studies, but it has also taught me that I can do anything that I set my mind to, including overcoming the challenges in my life,” Tiend says.

Tiend credits the mentorship and culture of Vector Marketing for her success — personal and professional. “When I began selling Cutco, I was very shy, and I didn’t want to call on people I didn’t know,” she says. “But my manager, Marcus Robbins, taught me exactly how to approach people with respect and confidence. Working with Marcus and everyone at Vector has taught me how to gain confidence in myself and my abilities. I now know that with the proper motivation, determination, and hard work, there is nothing I can’t do.”

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