Customer relations management systems (CRM) are used by businesses to manage their deals, contacts, and negotiations with clients. CRM solutions also include ways to help companies analyze their business model, such as by building sales funnels which help businesses figure out where they are (or are not) doing well in the sales process.

amoCRM offers a CRM that empowers businesses and helps small and medium sized businesses grow sales, improve client relations, and run more smoothly and efficiently.

While most CRM developers focus primarily on their contacts systems, amoCRM focuses on ease of use and a deal management system that sets it miles apart from its competitors.


Amocrm Deals

From the deals tab, users can see each deal they’re authorized to see and create new deals. After clicking on a deal, users are taken to a deal preview page. From here, they can preview a deal and view its status, associated contacts, related tasks, and history. This allows different employees and managers to update each other about the deal’s status in one centralized location. Having a centralized location ensures that every employee who can view the deal doesn’t fall out of the loop.


As a hosted Web service, amoCRM is accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection. There’s no software to install and users don’t have to worry about mis-syncing different offline customer relations databases.

The rest of the system is also designed to be as simple and easy-to-use as possible. That’s why amoCRM has top-notch customer support, a quick and straightforward setup process, and doesn’t require any additional training. It can be used straight out of the box by somebody who’s never used it before.

Free Trial

For $10 per month, lone wolf entrepreneurs can get a Solo account that’s tailored to their needs. A Starter account costs $19 per month, and has a few more options. The Premium account, which costs $49 per month, should be fine for most businesses but ones with more than 10 employees will want the $99 per month option.

Business Opportunities Weblog readers are invited to try out amoCRM for free, for thirty days, with no obligation and no credit card required.

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