Can Franchising Be Taught?

It’s become one of the top ways to learn the ins and outs of franchising, quickly: Twice a year, the Franchise Center at the University of Texas, El Paso offers its 21/2 Day Seminar. Covering topics like financing, site selection and labor issues, the seminar is designed to give laypeople a true understanding of what it takes to be a franchisee.

When Gregg Alexander participated in the seminar last year, he differed from the typical attendee in that he had already been a Subway franchisee in El Paso for five years. So why did he sign up?

“I was hoping they could tell me how to be a better business owner,” Alexander says. He also had some encouragement: Carolyn Gough, director of the Franchise Center, was a customer at one of Alexander’s locations and invited him to participate in the program. Another of Alexander’s Subway customers gave out grants to seminar participants and arranged for Alexander’s tuition to be paid. Read more.

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