Flame Retardant May Prevent Homes From Burning

Anyone who has been in an area where major fires have hit know the damage that can occur. However, a new flame retardant from FireIce may help firefighters save homes by stopping the fire in its tracks.

“This would be acting as the trees, the forest, the wood on your home. We are going to get this really nice and red, cherry hot. This is a 2000 degree torch. So you see that’s really nice and hot. Starting to disintegrate. You see instantly it’s out. Takes seconds. You see this is a 2000 degree torch. You see it’s not torching at all. And it won’t torch it,” says Peter Cordani, FireIce inventor.

Cordani demonstrated his invention for Nacogdoches County Firefighters, by holding a 2000 degree blow torch to a piece of wood dipped in the substance.

Central Heights VFD got them there after seeing how the environmentally, non-toxic product works.

“We wanted to get it on hand. We wanted to get it available to the other volunteer fire departments and the city fire department that were interested in using it because it is a more aggressive way of fighting fires,” says Kim Russell, Central Heights Volunteer Fire Department secretary.

Right now homeowners can even apply it.

“Just hook this device to any ordinary pressure cleaner and then you put the wand in this bucket. You want to coat the home, the trees, everything around it,” says Cordani.

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