A college education is by no means cheap, and for many the high price of tuition is enough to keep them from obtaining the education they need to be successful in life. No one wants to graduate college with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt, yet many have no other choice but to consider federal loans. However, in addition to taking full advantage of scholarships and federal aid, many college students are beginning to pay for their endeavors.

While free online college courses may be unheard of, being able to make enough money online to pay for your courses isn’t. In fact, several students are beginning to start their own freelance, tutoring, or MLM businesses simply to pay for their tuition and other school expenses. For those who don’t necessarily want to start their own business, but would like to have a majority of control over the business that they do, they should consider a MLM business.

Many students find great success with MLM businesses, and some even choose to make their MLM business their career after college. A few of the more popular programs include:


For those who are more avid salespersons, choosing to work for Vector may be a good option. Through Vector, students will set up appointments and be paid per appointment. In their appointments they will try to sell CutCo knives to those in the appointment, and if they do sell a set of knives, they receive a percent of what they sell.

Out of the programs listed, working for Vector is a little more strenuous because of the time obligations. The knives are exceptional, but expensive, so they aren’t as easy to sell as some of the other products offered by other MLM businesses. However, the payouts from Vector can be incredibly large and worthwhile.

Mary Kay/Avon

Becoming a Mary Kay or Avon representative is a highly popular choice amongst women. When working for either company, representatives are considered independent and work to sell cosmetics, perfumes, hair products, jewelry, and other feminine products. They also work to grow their business and receive bonuses by bringing in others to become representatives underneath them.

Most representatives host parties or get-togethers to sell products or recruit new reps, and most college students who work as representatives work around 20 hours per week. However, a student does set their own schedule so they can work as many hours as they seem fit to make their Mary Kay or Avon business the most profitable for them.

AmWay Global

AmWay Global offers students the opportunity to create their own online store. Students can choose to sell a wide variety of products online or specialize in a few health-related products. Once they sign up with AmWay, students are given a domain name and an already created site, and must simply try to get friends, family members, and others that they might know to purchase products through their store. Site owners get rewards for each item purchased through their store.

In addition to running an online business, students are also encouraged to bring on new recruits. For each new recruit who successfully signs up for the program, the student receives a cash bonus. The amount received monthly grows with each additional person brought on by that student.

There are a wide variety of online options for those interested in paying their way through college. MLM options allow students to set their own schedules and to work for as much or as little of money needed. Very few have high obligations, but students are encouraged to thoroughly review any business they are interested in prior to signing up with any company.

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