Ree Drummond, known to many as the Pioneer Woman, is a mom with an amazing family on a ranch who decided to start a blog detailing their adventures. She didn’t spend tons of money to set up a website, and she didn’t have a major plan, except to share with others about her everyday life on the ranch, as a pioneer woman. She knew who her target audience would be, and she built an audience because she’s real. Ree Drummond can relate to many women, and people trust her. She has developed a large following from her website and blog. She was able to launch a cookbook, and this opens the door to reach even more people. She is now known all over the place, as a respected cook, a writer, a standout mom, and now has her own cooking show on the Food Network. She found her niche and went for it.

As a woman you have to figure out what your strengths are, and prove why you deserve to be standing by the men in your field. The most important thing is to be true to yourself, and that means being you. Stick to what you do best and you can never go wrong.