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Social networking has become a way of life for many, and a way to promote your business if you’re an entrepreneur. It’s also a great way to find funding.

But what Dellorso has constructed is a vehicle that not only helps aspiring businesses find backing, it’s also a pool for investors to select worthwhile ventures.

“We’re Match.com for companies and investors,” said Dellorso.

“There really aren’t financing options for small companies [given the lending environment]. So what we’ve done is create a connections network where people can finance each other, peer-to-peer.”

With a sputtering economy that has forced many banks to tighten their purse strings- and many venture capitalists and angel investors to tamp down their appetite for risk- WealthForge helps partnerships evolve that would otherwise be stuck in neutral.

“If you have a great idea, and you highlight it on the WealthForge platform,” said Dellorso, “and there are people in the community that believe in you, we help you secure that funding that you need to grow.”

Even though the website doesn’t officially launch until November 1, it’s been in production for several months.

Over that time span, more than 100 users have joined, including 20 companies and 50 investors.

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